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Thixpro is providing stellar cyber security services

Cyber security services


Every computer or related appliance that are used to exchange data generate heaps of logs. At the end of the day, based on these logs one can easily identify and put a check to any phishing or malware attempt. Once you are subscribing to Thixpro’s cyber security monitoring, a team of cyber security professionals would sit at an offsite location and remotely monitor all the logs.

BYOD Services

Bring Your Own Devices or BYOD is the latest trend in the corporate field. Companies are encouraging their employees to bring their own smartphones, tablets and laptops, and use them for professional work. Thixpro provides services to companies that have adopted BYOD policy. With the help of OTPs and other procedures


Thixpro helps you in integrating the cyber security architecture. We can help you build exclusive firewalls for your organization. Our intrusion defense system (IDS) will monitor any activity that violates the predefined policies, based on which a threat can be detected and resolved.


Thixpro provides Virtual Private Network for some of the elite clients on the planet. When you exchange data on a VPN-enabled, the chances of phishing and other hacking attempts will be zero. We would strongly encourage all professionals to rely on VPNs when logging into their web portals.

Why Thixpro?

Easy Management

Thixpro believes in making things easy for clients. We don’t confuse you with an endless list of terms that sound Greek and Latin to you. We will help you understand all the risks that any company is likely to face in the absence of a sound cyber security system. After your clear understanding, we will go ahead with the service you would opt for. At any point in time, we would welcome you to ask us a question in case of doubts.

Predictive Analysis

A team of engineers would be sitting at the offshore location monitoring your logs and traffic. No matter how big the hacking attempt is, we would put a check to the same much before it would jolt the company’s business.

Incident Management:

In case you complain about a security threat even after availing of a service, we would immediately press our engineers into the incident management wherein a team of highly skilled engineers would return the abnormal function (due to hacking) to normal in real-time.

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