Why you need An App for your business

Nowadays having a website only not enough for businesses to grow we need apps also to make sure growth of our business. Having a mobile application comes with many benefits with a mobile application we can connect directly to customers. And it increases loyalty in our business if anyone has installed our application. Mobile application helps in creating your brand awareness.
Now, You have understood why you need an app. Now I am sure some of these questions may come into your mind:

Q 1. Which is the best mobile app development company in India?
Q 2. Which is the best android app development company in Delhi?
Q 3. Which company provides the best mobile app development services in India?
Q 4. Which is the best react development company in India?
Q 5. Best PHP development companies in India?

Now answer of all these questions is Thixpro pvt. Ltd. Company who has expertise in App development. Thixpro's first priority is to make their customers satisfied by making stunning mobile apps for them.

Mobile App Development Company

We provide mobile app development services to start-ups to enterprise-level companies.
As a leading mobile application development company, we strategize your plan and apply the necessary methodology to create a perfect app for your business.
Have an awesome idea? We will provide a quick analysis and free proposal for it. Don’t worry, it is secure and confidential.

How we work

The well-organized mobile app development process


We will clearly analyze the business requirements and do substantial research on the niche industry and competitors to figure out what inclusions will actually work for the app. Thereby, we will come up with a flexible planning step for app development.

UI / UX design

We maintain the balance between app functionality and design. The user interfaces we design are simple, convenient, and comprehensive. We also make sure that the look and feel of the app enhance the experience of users on the platform.

Development phase

We pick a more appropriate approach and follow agile methodology to develop the app. The process includes several stages and the incorporation of all core functionalities and technologies will be done in this phase.


We implement careful testing steps to check the app for compatibility, usability, performance, security, interface usage, and so on. After these multiple checks, we submit the mobile app to the user

How our Mobile app development service stands unique from other services out there

Technologies used

We incorporate several state-of-the-art technologies and techniques into mobile app solutions such as ObjC, Java, WebRTC, Socket IO, and RestAPI to meet your business goals. The inclusion of these advanced methodologies will provide seamless mobile experience to thrive your business high.

Our expertise

We excel at developing custom mobile apps with various futuristic features and functions. Some are those key functionalities are mentioned below.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Instant chat/messaging

A notable inclusion that can allow users to chat instantly and seamlessly with others on the app.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Video/audio call

This feature promotes smooth communication between users through high-quality video calls and audio calls.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development


Custom and extensible maps pave the way for easy navigation, location-specific product searches, etc.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Live streaming

Enables users to stream top-notch live videos easily with just a single click and without any glitches.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Live tracking

Engaging feature with which users on the application can track their rides and delivery status effectively.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Payment gateways

The inclusion of flexible payment gateways in the app allows users to make their payments hassle-free.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Blockchain Integration

Allows third-party blockchain integrations like Bitcoin to promote secured transactions on the application.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Machine learning solutions

Enhance the experience of users with the integration of several machine learning solutions into the app.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Social Login Integration

With the integration of this notable feature, users can log into the app quickly by making use of their social media accounts.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

End to end encryption

Help users in communicating securely on the app by applying end-to-end encryption for messages before sending to other users.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

AR integration

Integration of Augmented reality (AR) into the application will pave the way for immersing users in the digital environment.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Push notification

The inclusion of this feature in the app helps in notifying each and every user of all activities happening on the app

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

B2B, B2C, B2E, C2B, C2C

Help bussiness to reach more communities and grow their bussiness in desired way.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development


Games are more fun with better designing. We Integrate the best quality UI/UX for new game development.

Thixpro is expert in mobile app development

Social Media Networking

Use of Internet-based social media programs to make connections with customers that will help you to reach more


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