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Mobile App Maintenance & Support services

IT Services

Post-release services hold high significance for all apps whether it is an iPhone entity or an iOS entity. It is an extensive task that needs both experience and skills in the long run. Our team at Thixpro Technologies has both and can take care of all client requirements according to a mobile app maintenance agreement. Our service package includes the following services:

Services we provide

These are just a few regular services, but the overall service package can be customized according to your requirements. Just let us know what all you need and we will make arrangements.

Performance Check

Our performance monitoring software assures constant monitoring of the app’s performance and accessibility by the timely address of problems, technical fallbacks, moderating customer’s feedback.

Adaptive Maintenance

Our team can easily implement the changes and help in the modification of your app according to changing environments like operating systems or hardware.

Scheduled Maintenance

Apart from the usual maintenance, the software also needs a timely upgrade to sync with changing market dynamics, technologies, functions and features. All of these are implemented in the UX/UI of applications.

Normal Maintenance

Every online venture needs consistent checks, information planning, portfolio-based tact to technology as per the business environment of the app. We strive to provide full.

Application improvement

When the app starts running in the cloud server setup, we modify the server settings from normal to complete the production environment for better performance.

Correction Measures

This part includes taking care of every kind of minor and major issue that blocks the functionality and performance of software keeping errors occurrence at bay. The list of actions includes code restructuring, code optimization, as well as documentation.

HOW do we prepare you apps?

From Integration of systems and features that upgrade your iOS app making it more connected and viable to adding that extra level of security to ensure your users never face the instance of a data breach, all the while making the app offline synchronized are mixed together before the app is submitted for approval in the Apple Store. This combination that we use to power-pack your apps, is what has bagged us the likes of clients spread across from the Eastern Nations to the Western.


Smooth third-party integrations


Fort Know-like Secured apps

Offline Synchronization

Online offline synchrony like music.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Superconnected apps.

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