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Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management System

Innovating and streamlining processes, while adhering to more stringent regulatory standards. That’s one of the biggest challenges in drug manufacturing today. To improve efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate time to market and maximize profits in today’s rapidly changing business environment, life sciences companies are quickly realizing they need to adopt and exploit new strategies, technologies and practices… to build a culture of innovation that sustains and supports improved manufacturing processes and productivity without compromising quality… and to invest in new technologies, develop new skills and maximize return on assets.

Thixpro is helping to improve capacity utilization and operational efficiency in their manufacturing processes, leading life science companies are taking advantage of our integrated suite of services, which includes:

  • 1. IT strategy and consulting
  • 2. Application development and reengineering
  • 3. Package implementation
  • 4. Maintenance and support
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